Friday, November 27, 2015

November 24, 2015 Our Thanksgiving Play and Feast

The day started with a 2-hour delay for freezing fog.  Did that stop our play? No!  Everyone was so flexible and adjusted their schedules to attend our special play at 10:30 instead of 9:00.  Many thanks to all of you!  

A special thank you to Katie, for taking the photos for me to post in the video.  I just didn't have enough hands. :-)
Another special thank you to Miss Gandy, our principal, for helping to serve the feast of pumpkin bread - which the students put together - popcorn, and orange drink. 
"Many hands make light work."

Enjoy the video...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

November 24, 2015 Nathan Made It!!!

Tuesday, November 24th, was a special day for Nathan!
He was rewarded for writing his numbers to 1000!
That is a lot of numbers.  Do you know how many numbers he wrote???
If you guessed 1000, you would be wrong.
It is 1001 because we include the important number of 0.

Great job, Nathan!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015 Math Ideas for Unit 4

We have started Unit 4 in our Math series.  Here are some suggestions to help your child grasp the ideas presented.

* Practice measuring objects around your home with a ruler to the nearest half inch and to the nearest whole centimeter.  Discuss which object is the longest and which is the shortest.  Continue to ask your child how they know...their answer.  Giving evidence for their thinking is important.

* Search in and around your home for geometric figures with your child.  Identify figures by name, if possible, and talk about their characteristics. Ask your child if the shape is a polygon and how they know. (A polygon has three or more closed, straight sides that are not crossed.) Also ask if the shape is a quadrilateral or not. (A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides.) Invite your child to draw some shapes that are polygons and some that are not polygons.


November 13, 2015 PAT Party

On Friday, November 13, 2015, our class enjoyed a PAT Party for their earning 30 minutes on the positive side of our chart.  They were allowed to bring in a stuffed animal to share their learning with for a day.  Those who did not bring in an animal were able to select one of the few ---(ummm?) frogs in my room to hold for the day.  :-)

One "kinda" serious picture...

One..."okay, let's be silly" picture....

Now, that is silly!!! 
A laughing pig with a frog in its mouth!!!

November 12, 2015 Honor Roll Awards

A small informal Awards Celebration happens each trimester in our classroom.  What we reward...we get more of.  (Food for thought...)

Third grade is the first grade where students receive letter grades. Bonus points are also allowed to help in the adjustment to this change.  However, to receive the All A's, A's &B's, or All B Honor Roll, students must have those letter grades and not have a "below average" mark in any area on their report card.

Join me in giving a real Wayne Center Tiger R---O---A---R for these students!!!

November 12, 2015 Homework Awards

A small informal Awards Celebration happens each trimester in our classroom.  What we reward...we get more of.  (Food for thought...)

The Homework Award is given in our class for students who have completed their homework 90% or more of the time each trimester.

Great job, students!!!

November 12, 2015 Effort Award

A small informal Awards Celebration happens each trimester in our classroom.  What we reward...we get more of.  (Food for thought...)

Congratulations go to Nathan for putting a TON of effort into all he does!!!  He was awarded the Effort Award for the first trimester.



November 20, 2015 Polygon Video

Today was a fun day learning about polygons. We watched this video from the Have Fun Teaching site.  Your child can show you how they made the shapes in the air. 

A fun way to learn.

November 19, 2015 Numbers to 1000!!! Wow! Mason!

Mason did it!  He wrote all his numbers from 0 to 1000!
His smile tells it all as he holds his certificate and his candy bar.
Way to go, Mason!!!

November 20, 2015 Sign Language...SNOW!

Today, third graders learned how to say "SNOW" in sign language.  Ask  your child to demonstrate this for you.  Be sure to watch for the first flakes this weekend...


October 27, 2015 Graphs

Here are more graph building teams!

What do we do first???

Yep, I think I've got it!

October 27, 2015 Tuesday - Math Time

During Math time today, students followed directions for creating a bar graph using a bag of various shapes.  They worked in teams.  

Learning is lots of fun!!!

How do you do that???

November 20, 2015 Square Watermelons???

Today, we explored square watermelons.  We are studying polygons in math. Polygons are flat shapes with differing number of sides. We learned the number of vertices are the same as the number of sides.

The square watermelon topic was brought up earlier in the day by a student who has a family member in Japan.  The student saw a picture of it, and we wanted to learn more about square watermelons.

As you watch the video listen for these things:
How much does it cost?
What is the problem with them?
How do they get them to be square?
And....How long do they last?
(A BIG THANK YOU to the student who sent us on the learning adventure!!!)