Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015 Apples in Science

Did you hear that we have been doing an experiment in Science?

We took three apples. We left one apple with the skin on it (unpeeled).  We peeled one apple but kept it whole.  Then, with the last apple, we chopped it into chunks.

Why, did we do this?
We wanted to find out if the changes we made to the apples would effect the amount of moisture that would leave the apple.  In a nutshell...would one of the forms of the apples dry up faster than an apple in a different form?

These are pictures of the apples after a few days...

We weighed the apples for five days...not sequentially, because we forgot one day and we had a weekend.  But, we learned that scientists use all their information and just make notes about any abnormalities (unusual events) that occur.

We found out that the chopped apple lost the most moisture over the other forms that the apples were in.  We concluded that the amount of surface area exposed to the air directly impacted the amount of moisture that left the apple.

Students also made a bar graph and a point line graph with each set of data from each day that the apples were weighed.

Kind of a fun way to learn some new information.

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