Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 10, 2015 Our Frog Flippin' Contest!

We enjoyed our contest to see who could make their frog "jump" the farthest.  We had 3 tie with the first flip.  On the second flip, sadly, one frog flipped backwards. The other two tied again.  So, we had 2 winners!!!


August 7, 2015 Math Fun!

Today, students enjoyed learning how to play the math game: Addition Top-It.  Some students had played it last year.  This is a great game for students to sharpen their addition facts.  After they draw two cards and add them together, they compare the sums and decide who has the largest answer.  The person with the largest sum, gets all the cards from that hand.  You could try this game at home with regular cards.  ENJOY!!!

August 7, 2015 Getting to Know Each Other

Every class is unique.  We want to get to know each other and learn how we are alike and different.
We played a little game and chatted with each other. 
So...have you ever been on an airplane???

Who has a pet?

Who brought their lunch from home today?

Who has a brother or sister?

Now, we know each other better! 

August 7, 2015 Reading With Friends

First you find a partner.
Then you get a magazine.
Next, we pick a story.
Finally, we enter the world of imagination!!!

August 6, 2015 Our First Day!!!

Enjoy the link to a very short video of our first day in third grade.
Students were working together.
They have started writing their numbers to 1000 in 100 sections.
They can tell you what the surprise is that they receive when they make the landmark goal of 1000!
Fun and Yummy!!!

Check out this video I made with Animoto:
Patrice's Video

August 4, 2015 Back to School Night

Welcome to a new school year!
The desks were in groups and labeled.
There was a fun scavenger hunt for students to do to put their items away and to become familiar with their classroom.
Finally, the sack held surprises for each child to take home.  They were asked to bring their plastic frogs back on Monday for a contest.
We are looking forward to a great and "hoppy" year!!!