Friday, June 12, 2015

6-5-15 Summer Break is here!!!

Although summer doesn't officially arrive until Sunday, June 21, 2015, we are celebrating a bit early.

May your summer be safe, fun, and relaxing!!!

Have fun with your family and friends!

6-5-15 Our Froggy Good-Bye Class Photo

Each student selected one frog from among the many in our classroom.  We went to the library to take this end of year class photo.  Frogs have been fun this year!  We enjoyed learning in the pond!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

6-5-15 Awards Day!

Many accomplishments were awarded recognition in the classroom on Friday, June 5th.  The You Tube video shows and explains each section of awards.  Some of the awards include: Flying Fingers - for keyboarding skills; Study Island progress in Math and Language Arts; Blue Ribbons earned: Homework Awards; Spelling Challenge Words Awards; Honor Roll and Attendance Awards.  We also held a classroom spelling bee the last two weeks of school.  Our winner completes the slide show being given a certificate and a thesaurus.


Monday, June 8, 2015

5-22-15 Friday, Our Field Trip!!!!!

Wayne Center's Third Grade Classes attended a field trip to the McMillen Center and to the History Center in Fort Wayne.  Enjoy the You Tube video.  

Saturday, June 6, 2015

6-4-15 Mason mastered his numbers to 1000!!!

Mason wrote and wrote and wrote.  He probably saw numbers in his dreams, but he got it done! 
Yeah!!! Mason wrote his numbers to 1000!!!
Great job, Mason!!!

"I'm flipping over all your hard work, Mason!!!" says Flipper.

6-4-15 Colt continued and got it done!!!

Colt kept working and working until it got done!
He wrote his numbers from 0 to 1000!!!
Enjoy the candy bar, Colt!!!

Determination can get the job done!!!

6-3-15 Dylan didn't give up!!!

Dylan made it and didn't give up!  His written numbers to 1000 are done!!!
Way to go, Dylan!!!


6-2-15 Trevor climbed to the top!!!

Trevor topped the year off by getting his numbers written to 1000!!!
Way to go, Trevor!!!
That takes a lot of work!

You deserve an award!!! Great job!!!

6-2-15 Dawson delved into getting it done!!!

Dawson dug in and worked hard to get his numbers written to 1000!!!
That takes stick-to-it-ness!
Way to go, Dawson!!!

You deserve the Donald Duck trophy for sticking to it!!!

6-5-15 Hippie Frog!

We did a pretty amazing thing!  This class passed 105 Mad Minute computation tests this school year!  Wow!  I'm almost speechless!  
Hippie Frog has 105 hundred blocks stacked around him to show just how many tests were passed by these hard working third graders.
Way to go, students!


6-2-15 Ariel soared to new heights!!!

Ariel wrote her numbers to 1000!!!
That took a lot of work and determination!
Super job, Ariel!

You made it!!!

6-1-15 Drew did it!!!

Drew made it!  He wrote his numbers all the way to 1000!
That seemed like a lot of hard work, but he did it!
Way to go, Drew!!!

Let's do a victory dance!!!
Hey! Hey! Way to go!!!

6-1-15 Kirsten's big day!!!

Kirsten did what she thought she couldn't do.  
She wrote all her numbers to 1000!  (Do you know that is actually 1001 numbers?  Can't forget the zero!!!)
So, proud of herself!  Great job, Kirsten!

What is your favorite treat for all your hard work???

6-1-15 Floyd's numbers to 1000!

Floyd accomplished a third grade goal of writing his numbers to 1000!  
That took time and effort.  Errors had to be fixed by everyone.  That could be tricky.
Way to stick to it, Floyd!!!

Floyd just kept putting one step in front of the other....HEE! HEE! 

5-28-15 Skyelar did not give up!

Skyler worked so hard and got her numbers to 1000 written!!!
Way to go, Skyelar!

Numbers, numbers, everywhere!!!

5-28-15 Hadley's moment to remember!!!

Today was Hadley's moment to remember!  
She completed her numbers to 1000, got her certificate, and her 100 Grand candy bar!
Wow!  Hadley!!! Way to go!

Let's give her a hand!!!

5-29-15 History was made!!!

On this date, history was made by the third graders in room 111 at Wayne Center Elementary School. They earned a grand total of 408 Blue Ribbons increasing their academic skills in reading, math, and language via a technology site called Study Island!  The class only began working with this program in January.  Their hard work and use of brain power did wonders!  Great job, students!!!


5-27-15 Kylie made it!

Kylie met the challenge and wrote her numbers to 1000!!!
That takes a long time.  She's smilin' at her accomplishment!
Great job, Kylie!

Dance away!  You made it!!!

5-27-15 Aidyn's made it to 1000!

Aidyn is proud of writing his numbers to 1000!
You would be, too!  That takes some thinking!
Great job, Aidyn!

He is ready to enjoy his candy bar! 

5-27-15 Kora's Numbers to 1000!

Another pencil lead (or graphite :-) was shortened as Kora wrote her numbers to 1000!
Way to go!!!