Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7, 2015 Today's Meet

What is the QR Code for? 
(Did you know that QR stands for Quick Response?)

Students come close to the screen to let their QR Code reader read the code and take them to the Today's Meet site.

Once they are on the site, they give themselves a nickname. Then they answer the question posed by the teacher.  Today's question was: How is the Money Madness project going using Crayola Mix & Mash?

Students see their own responses and the responses of their peers on the classroom screen but also on their screen.
This has been a great tool to teach several skills.  Some skills have been: following directions, answering the question asked, responding with full sentences, using basic capital letters and end marks correctly, and (one of the most needed skills...) social media manners.  We are learning how to ask questions of each other and comment on the postings of others in a kind way. Inappropriate comments are removed by the teacher.

So...what question will we answer next time on Today's Meet?

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