Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Awards 2nd trimester

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Today, report cards go home to reflect all our hard work for the second trimester of third grade.  Each trimester, a small awards program is held in my classroom for those achieving specific goals.  Read below each picture to see what each group of students accomplished.

These 8 students are to be congratulated for earning the homework award.  Students need to have a 90% or higher completion rate for their homework.  Out of 57 days, they could have 5 days with problems and still earn this award.  Super Job!

These 4 students made the all B Honor Roll!  Way to go!!!

These students made the A and B Honor Roll!  Can we say, "Hard Workers?"

These students made the all A Honor Roll!  Whoopie!  What a lot of careful work needs to be done to reach this goal!

Congratulations to all!!!

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