Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15, 2015 Relaxing and Pizza

Let's talk relaxing and PIZZA!

We use pizzas to teach fractions and support reading outside of the classroom.  It can be lots of fun!
Now, we have thought of a new reason to enjoy pizza.  We have a goal to do our very best on the upcoming state tests.  Third graders have worked hard this year to learn the material presented to them.  They have increased their comprehension skills and word skills.  They have fine tuned their math skills with detailed measure. (Pun! Pun!)  Soon they will "show what they know!"

Since this is the first year for these students to take these assessments, it is vital to balance importance with peace of mind. To foster this, the class is taught a song for relaxing and encouraged to do the best they can on everything that is asked of them. The students created a chart of what to do when they come to something difficult.  They have been using these skills all year long.

To reward all their hard work, we will be looking forward to a pizza party when the first round of testing is completed.  To earn the party, the students need to do their personal best. That is all that can be asked of any of us.  Pizza time...Here we come!!!

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