Friday, September 26, 2014

Number extensions

9-26-14 - Friday - Have you ever heard of number extensions?  Well, third graders have been delving into that realm this week.  They started by reviewing fact families.  That is like this:
4+2=6     2+4=6    6-2=4   6-4=2
Remember those?
Then they were challenged to take an addition sentence like 4+2=6 and then try 40+20 to get 60.  Next step was to extend it further with 400+200 to get 600.
We compared the extension to extra tubes you put on your vacuum sweeper to extend - or reach - somewhere higher or further away.
All in all, a clever way to ssss--tttt---rrr---eeee---tttt----cccc----hhhh---STRETCH our math skills!

Whether you are counting sheep or eggs, math can be fun!!!!!

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