Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Saturday, August 30, 2014 - What has been our focus in our reading mini- lessons?
You may be asking this question along with, "How can I help my child?"

We have been concentrating on the skills of sequencing and characterization.

With the skill of sequencing, students need to read carefully to note whether to use key words like; first, next, then, problem, because, solution, finally, or other time sensitive words when retelling a story.
How can you help your child strengthen their skill of sequencing?
1. Have your child retell the main parts of the story in order using the key words listed.
2. Open the book your child read for their nightly reading and read a small amount aloud to your child.  Ask them, "What happened just before this?  Why did this happen?  How is this different than what happened at the beginning of the book?"

The skill of characterization can have many levels.  In this first level, students are asked to determine what a character is like and give evidence from the text to support their answer.

For example, a text may say that Susie enjoys playing the flute and listens to music whenever she can.  From that information, students can determine that Susie is musical.

How can you help your child strengthen their skill of characterization?
1. Select a character from a well-known nursery rhyme or book.  Ask your child to tell you what words describe that character.  Ask them to cite the part of the text that led them to that decision.
2.  Give your child 2 or 3 character traits and ask them to create a story (orally or written) with a character displaying those traits or to recount a character in a book they have read that exhibit those traits.

Here are a few character traits: athletic, fun-loving, bossy, hard-working, lazy, determined, responsible, curious, creative, sly, clever, deceitful, honest...(challenge your child to add to this list and site a person or character to match each one. :-) ENJOY!

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