Sunday, August 31, 2014

Poetry readings

Friday, August 29, 2014 - As we reviewed reading fluently and with expression, we enjoyed our classmates' poetry readings.  The props they chose to bring in brought the words to life!

Ariel and Skyelar performed the poem titled, "The Creature In the Classroom" by Jack Prelutsky. The dinosaur prop was a wonderful addition.  In the poem, the Creature swallows the teacher!!! Ariel was the teacher!  Yikes!  

Floyd and Sean shared the catchy letter from Jon Scieszka called, "Dear Reader."  It captured our desire to read and re-read poems with unusual and funny stories.  "A dog who does homework?  Ants in the lunchroom? An ice cream fountain mountain?..." How can we resist? :-)

Kora and Kylie brought us the poem, "Nothing on a Bulldog's Face," by Marilyn Singer.  In the poem, the bulldog is dressed up for a photo.  The girls did a super job with props to give the listeners the whole picture!  A catchy part reads: "You look at him and have to hoot - He's so ugly that - he's cute."  What fun!

Zack and Dawson enjoyed choral reading the poem called, "The Eraser Poem," by Louis Phillips. The idea to twirl a pencil was just the right compliment for this disappearing poem. Clever!

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