Sunday, August 31, 2014

Poetry readings

Friday, August 29, 2014 - As we reviewed reading fluently and with expression, we enjoyed our classmates' poetry readings.  The props they chose to bring in brought the words to life!

Ariel and Skyelar performed the poem titled, "The Creature In the Classroom" by Jack Prelutsky. The dinosaur prop was a wonderful addition.  In the poem, the Creature swallows the teacher!!! Ariel was the teacher!  Yikes!  

Floyd and Sean shared the catchy letter from Jon Scieszka called, "Dear Reader."  It captured our desire to read and re-read poems with unusual and funny stories.  "A dog who does homework?  Ants in the lunchroom? An ice cream fountain mountain?..." How can we resist? :-)

Kora and Kylie brought us the poem, "Nothing on a Bulldog's Face," by Marilyn Singer.  In the poem, the bulldog is dressed up for a photo.  The girls did a super job with props to give the listeners the whole picture!  A catchy part reads: "You look at him and have to hoot - He's so ugly that - he's cute."  What fun!

Zack and Dawson enjoyed choral reading the poem called, "The Eraser Poem," by Louis Phillips. The idea to twirl a pencil was just the right compliment for this disappearing poem. Clever!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

College Savings Plan

The date has been extended for you to sign up for the college savings plan.  You have until September 15th!  Please check into this great opportunity for your child's future education. 

Reading News

Saturday, August 30, 2014 - What has been our focus in our reading mini- lessons?
You may be asking this question along with, "How can I help my child?"

We have been concentrating on the skills of sequencing and characterization.

With the skill of sequencing, students need to read carefully to note whether to use key words like; first, next, then, problem, because, solution, finally, or other time sensitive words when retelling a story.
How can you help your child strengthen their skill of sequencing?
1. Have your child retell the main parts of the story in order using the key words listed.
2. Open the book your child read for their nightly reading and read a small amount aloud to your child.  Ask them, "What happened just before this?  Why did this happen?  How is this different than what happened at the beginning of the book?"

The skill of characterization can have many levels.  In this first level, students are asked to determine what a character is like and give evidence from the text to support their answer.

For example, a text may say that Susie enjoys playing the flute and listens to music whenever she can.  From that information, students can determine that Susie is musical.

How can you help your child strengthen their skill of characterization?
1. Select a character from a well-known nursery rhyme or book.  Ask your child to tell you what words describe that character.  Ask them to cite the part of the text that led them to that decision.
2.  Give your child 2 or 3 character traits and ask them to create a story (orally or written) with a character displaying those traits or to recount a character in a book they have read that exhibit those traits.

Here are a few character traits: athletic, fun-loving, bossy, hard-working, lazy, determined, responsible, curious, creative, sly, clever, deceitful, honest...(challenge your child to add to this list and site a person or character to match each one. :-) ENJOY!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Science Investigation of Sound

Friday, August 22, 2014 - Students participated in a Science Investigation with the concept of how sound travels through various types of matter.  They listened to sound through air, water, and a wood block.  They recorded their observations and reflected on their results.  It is fun to be a scientist!

One important part of being a scientist is to adhere to safety procedures.  The students enjoyed wearing goggles to protect their eyes from any stray particles. Science can be lots of fun!!!! 


Friday, August 22, 2014 - These students performed poetry readings for our class. The poems were A Pizza "The Size of the Sun"by Jack Prelutsky, "My New Pet" edited by Bruce Lansky, and "Who, Me?" selected by Bruce Lansky.  Dawson and Jude performed the grand finale called, "My Mother Made a Meatloaf" by Jack Prelutsky.  Our funny bone was so tickled that we chatted about how adding humor to a poem or other writing really gets our attention.  Students received a craft feather to add to their writing recipe box. FUN!

Readers theater

Friday, August 22, 2014 - Students performed the reader's theater called, "Pop, Poppity, Pop" by Donna Latham.  This skit took place in a park.  A group of hungry friends were playing kickball.  The story was laced with exaggeration and hyperbole.  The students read with expression and imagined the aroma when a peddler and her grandchild popped in to grant a wish. POPCORN!  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A New School Year! 2014-2015

Welcome to a new school year!
The third grade year is an exciting one!  Students become more independent learners and already in our room, they have demonstrated quality reading stamina.  They have completed books, written about them in a reflective response, and followed procedures to add book shapes to their ring of accomplished literature for this year.  Watching our rings fill up with lots of books shapes labeled with books we have read, helps 8 year-olds to understand what "voracious reading" is all about!
Keep watching our site for more information and tips to build comprehension.  Photos will be posted soon, too.  It is great to see your children in action in the classroom!